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Talk Before You Take—a simple message that conveys the importance of talking about the benefits and risks of prescribed medications before a prescription is written and filled. When healthcare providers convey important information about prescribed medications, there is sometimes no guarantee that patients fully understand both the benefits and potential risks of starting the treatment. As proof, how often do we walk out of a doctor’s office asking, “What did the doctor or nurse say again about this medicine?”


Increasing communication about prescriptions can help patients:


  • Understand medication side effects—for example, which ones, if any, will go away with time and those that may be experienced for the duration of being on the medicine.
  • Avoid adverse drug reactions.
  • Improve adherence to medicine regimen(s).
  • Live healthier lives.


TalkBeforeYouTake.org provides free, downloadable tools that patients and healthcare providers can use to spark better and more effective medicine communication.


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